When in Brussels, there’s a neighbourhood, where you either never go if your a true European and actually living there, or that you’re constantly in, if you’re making decisions about the future of Europe. The European neighbourhood, or affectionately known as le quartier mort. 

So apart from a Thursday evening on Place Lux, the only reason we (my co-conquistadors and myself, dressed as knights on our nearly holy crusade ) would ever go to this neighbourhood is the allure of a Club Sandwich, and Tiago’s boasted on it’s menu, to serve the Real one, accompanied by Chips and Salad.

When I read that on the menu, I got excited, because when someone writes that, it means that they have a love for the Club Sandwich, they believe in getting the right ingredients together, without consensus,in perfect harmony and serving them to an avid Club Sandwich lover is what they strive for.They believe in the Club Sandwich.

Well let’s say one thing. If that’s the real Club Sandwich, I think that we’re all in for a desperately saddening and dismaying surprise. If the Real Club Sandwich is the equivalent of stacking motorway triangle sandwiches, with sub-par products in between badly toasted bread, my crusade/quest/blog finds a completely new purpose. We must fight the over-sauced, under & over toasted breads Club Sandwiches. 

Sitting there in the shadow of the Berlaymont, where Europe lives, sadly another reason to visit the neighbourhood fell from the list.

Stacking - Flat and Flat 

Bread - Motorway white, toasted for about 5 seconds.

Ingredients - European consensus, big bits of chicken and an Olive on top.

Accompaniments - Chips, OK, salad with no dressing, an fellow conquistadors.Served flat and over saucy.

2 halves


7, Rue Archimède

1000 Brussels